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14 May 2017


When Should I Use A Structured Settlement?

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When A Structured Settlement Should Be Use?

Fixed annuities and structured settlements have been successful means in settling damage liabilities in numerous circumstances - some of which include:
 Personal Injury or Physical Injury: For example, if you were injured in a car accident and received a physical injury or suffered from medical malpractice your structured settlement compensation could be in the form of a fixed annuity payment.

Worker's Compensation: If you have a claim because your were injured on the job or have a job related physical injury directly related to employment, a structured settlement agreement can help you receive the compensation deserve and make it easier for your employer to make the liability payments.

Environmental Claims: Frequently, structured settlements can be used for those injured, or even in a class action settlements involving exposure to toxic spills, illegal pollutants or the subsequent clean up efforts of the environmental hazard.

Attorney Fees: For those who may need to structure attorney fees regardless of any other structuring in the clients' case.

What Are Some Of The Reasons A Structured Settlement Will Work For My Case?

Through negotiations, structured settlements will listen to and incorporate the needs of every party involved.

Through the use of structured settlements, negative externalities are often eliminated - maximizing benefit for the plaintiff and creating a quick settlement with low litigation costs for the defendant.

Fixed annuity payments are income tax-free to the plaintiff, creating desirable tax benefits associated with structured settlements. For the defendant, liability can often be removed from the books.

In many cases it is more preferable and beneficial to the plaintiff to obtain a guaranteed payment stream as opposed to a lump sum.



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