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6 Mar 2017


How to Track Someone By Phone Number - Find EXACT Location

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Tracing Cell Phone Number

When an annonymous number irritates you the first thing you do is tracing cell phone number and find out the one who is irritating you. There are few ways to track a person the first one is track by phone number. When it comes to find out location of a cell phone the strategy which is used is to use signal towers sometimes you can know the location simply using one tower but if you want to find someone's exact and precise location you will be needed to use three or more mobile signal posts which will try to trace number by simply collaboration of towers. This information is not available publically but the agencies such as mobile and others are authorized to use it.

Tracing Cell Phone Numeber Location

There are may ways that you can use to trace a cell phone number some are as following.

Use Search Engine

The phone number you want to track may have been posted by the owner or intitutes on the internet such as in a CV which is publically availabe or on social media sites etc. so the first thing you can do is to write the number directly in Google and search it.
  • You may use the formats such as 000-000-0000 and (000)0000000 etc.
  • If you still don't find it use different search engines such as yahoo and yadex or try the other method.

Search in Public Databasses

You can use public database for tracing cell phone number such as WhitePages if you are in USA or search in local phone directory.

Search on Websites or Social Media Sites

May by know or not but there are some website which may help you to trace a cell phone number. such as Truecaller and eMobileTracker these kind of web services will show you the name of SIM holder, city, country, telecome provider, network type etc. which is good enough for track phone number.

Use Applications Which Use Cell Phone Tracking System

In this modern era of Android and iOS operating system for mobile there are number of applications which you may use to know the name of the person who is calling you. You can use Truecaller Mobile Application to know annonymous number's oweners name when an unknown number calls you.

Locate a Cell Phone

This is the most interesting and amazing feature I like the most in the history of Android. If you have lost your cell phone and what to know its exact location then threre is an option allowing you to locate a cell phone.
How to Know Location of Lost Mobile

  1. If you want to always find or search or track you mobile phone either it is lost or stolen, you will have to keep your cell phone's GPS switched on always and lock it with a pattern or pin.
  2. Make sure to always keep yourself signed in using Gmail ID.
  3. Now if you misplace your phone simply go to any computer in the world and sign in with gmail account which was already opened on your cell. 
  4. Now just type Find My Phone on Google 
  5. You will come to know the exact and precise location of mobile number. 
  6. Not only this you will be able to give it a Ring and recover your phone. The other thing you can do is that you can remove all date from the phone. 

Final Words

I believe you have learned to track phone by number after reading this post. if you have to ask anything else regarding track or locate a cell phone you can ask by comment box below.



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