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8 Mar 2017


10 Strangest Ocean Phenomena You Won't Believe!

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With water covering seventieth of the Earth’s surface, it’s no marvel that oceans yield spectacular species, with scientists finding up to four new species daily, in step with the planet Register of Marine Species, or WoRMS. They add that there also are roughly 228,450 marine species legendary to scientists with some 2 million a lot of multi-celled marine organisms still to be discovered. The ocean is additionally home to different phenomena together with large aground whales, luminescence – once water seems to be glowing - and therefore the yearly migration of several sea crabs on Christmas Island, stopping drivers and pedestrians in their tracks. Seahorses still fascinate individuals time and once more, not just for their combination of a norse-like head with formed bodies however additionally due to what’s apparently a reversal of roles within the nature i.e. the male having to try to the “pushing.” scalawag waves square measure an incredible phenomena that would have deadly consequences too, engulfing ships and fishermen in its wake. Short-tail stingrays also are thought-about to be dangerous. The death of Australian life skilled Steve Irwin, “The crocodilian reptile Hunter,” by a sting ray brought the species to prominence in 2006 however actually, that was a freak prevalence that happens on extraordinarily rare occasions.



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