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26 Feb 2017


Orbit Wheels And Other Gadgets - Technology News

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When It comes to technology we all know that there are millions of gadgets which are manufactured so far not only that but the time you are reading this post many other are being designed and produced around the world. Keeping the same in mind we have decided to provide you the amazing inventions which may or possible change your mind.
  1. The very first thing I am we are gonna show you is the Orbit Wheel
  2. This is a products which will change the way you walk casually when we walk we get tired but by the help of this product we will be able to hang around very easily without getting distracted.
  3. The second one which you will find in this video is Cozmo Robot which the most smart robot and very good when it comes to play. This gadget will teach your children much things not only that but will keep them active so that they could grow faster.
  4. The third thing which I am gonna describe is the SoloShot which very amazing camera which will be following you where ever you go not only this but it have ability to record and edit your video.
  5. The fourth thing is Flic Button which has multiple functions such as closing and opening lights making fake calls enabling you to do much things with only one button.
  6. The fifth thing is the very amazing thing which I liked the most in this list that is what we call VUE Glasses which are not in the market still but the thing is that these glasses are very smart glasses the very first thing which I like the most in this is the vibratory music which can be played and listened only to you without any handsfree. 
Hope you guys have enjoyed this post If you wanna buy any of the products listed you may visit our YouTube Channel by clicking on YouTube Icon on the video and find the description below the video.



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