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4 Nov 2016

Pokémon TCG Online Game Reviews For Android

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Pokémon TCG Online Game Reviews For Android

Pokemon Game Play

Pokémon trading card game TCG Online is the game for the android platform that available in the Google Play Store. The Pokémon TCG Online is for the users of android mobile and can download from the Play Store of android. The game with the different Pokémon you may collect the card and get more of the new cards, upgrade them, and take a part in the battles of card. 
In this game for the android, you must can collect a deck of the card that can belong to the different of 3 elements. Each of the element has its weaknesses and his strengths. On the cards unique Pokémon have the individual characteristics. For each of the battle you can create a strategy of winning battle. You can use your best of cards and can win the battles against the AI or the others of companies from around the whole world that increase your rank.
Collect the most of the rare cards of the Pokémon and can play without any mixing up the rules in the pokémon tcg online apk game. The game is the version of trading and can collecting the cards of Pokémon, all of the most recent editors of the game you’ll have including. Your decks has a limit and if you want to expand you decks than you will have to collect in the currency of the game or can make the purchases. 

Play with friends 

Play Pokemon With Friends

The game Pokémon TCG Online you can play this game online with your friends. The basic rules for the game Pokémon TCG Online, there are many of the more things that can be learned from game while you can playing this game, such as the special various conditions and the cards of Pokémon has the different abilities, but these basic rules knowing will be more enough to battle with your friends and make fun and more entertainment to playing this game and enjoying with your friends to play with different cards in the game.
You can make different of the challenges with your friends and get rewards in the game and make your name at the top of the list in the game and make more and more high scores against your companies. 
The process of the deckbuilding and also the strategies in the Pokémon TCG is a different thing completely, and it is considered to just as the important as the game you actually playing. For the beginners of the gamers, it would be the best way to buy starter decks, which are always ready to play the decks that would be fully allow the players in the game to get the hang. 


Playing Pokemon

Each of the player in the game has a deck that can contains the 60 of cards. And each of the player cha shuffles the cards on your deck and can draws seven of the cards as a starting hand. Basic Pokémon does not contain the starting hand, the players of the game puts back the seven of the cards in their deck, they reshuffles their deck, and can draw again the 7 cards, till one obtains containing a starting hand at least one of the basic Pokémon. 
Each of the player then places on card of Pokémon at the zone active Pokémon as an active one face down and then you can must be place the 5 of more active Pokémon on the bench of yours. Face down of six cards then each of the player then deals out, be to prize cards and to start the battle. A coin you can flip with to your opponent to decide that who will first start. The active card of Pokémon then reveal your face down and create the battle.

Different Ways to Win the Game 

  1. In the game if your opponent is required from their deck to draw a card, but it has no more enough of the card in their deck. 
  2. If you can win the game and you also can win all your six of prize cards. 
  3. If you know out and hit your enemies or opponents active Pokémon, and the opponent in the game has no more enough bench Pokémon with which you can replace it.