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22 Sep 2016


[Secret] How To Get More Likes For Facebook Page

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Stop thinking that how can I increase likes on my Facebook page because we are gonna reveal a secret of Facebook page like increasor for more, fast, improved and really real fans.
This trick is called creating a page of your profile where as your profile will be at its places as it is. hope you have seen my video tutorial of making money with facebook.

Video: Massive Likes for Facebook

Video reveals the secret of getting huge amount of Facebook Page likes.

How to Migrate from Facebook Profile to Page.

  1. First of all create a new Facebook Profile.
  2. Now upload an attractive picture or video.
  3. Get this picture shared in few facebook groups of having huge members. find a list here.
  4. People will start to follow you and you will also get enormous Friendship requests. (In order to be saved from account suspension, accept only 120 request in 01 hour not more than it,)
  5. When your fb friends reach at 5000 then migrate from you profile to page as describe below or watch the video above.
  6. Go to Facebook Page Migrate and follow the instructions. 
  7. Your Facebook Profile will create an additional Page of the same name of your profile, Don't worry your page will still be its place.
  8. All of your friends will become liker of your page.
  9. Your new page allows you to add friends within 14 days. 

How to Get 5000 Page Likes in Two Weeks

As you have migrated from profile to page.
  1. Now unfriend all of your friends
  2. Add new 5000 friends and go to FB Profile Migrate.
  3. Add all your new friends to Page.
  4. Again come back to profile and unfriend all and add 5000 more friends and repeat step No. 02.
  5. Keep this doing for 14 days. In this way you can get not only 50000 (massive) page likes but more than it.
  6. for further details watch the video embed above.
So this is the way you can get free massive likes for Facebook page.


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