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29 Apr 2016

What is Freelance | Earn Online [Video Training Urdu]

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What is Freelance Online Job?

Word freelance means free to do any job. If you know only Urdu, Hindi or Bengali then it will be difficult for you to earn via typing or writing but you can earn through more skills such as drawing making of AudoCAD, designing with adobe photoshop, coral draw and much more, You may be thinking that you don't have any experience but the thing is that you need no experience in this kind of jobs.

Many of the people think that making money online is an easy to do job and they will start earning hundreds of dollars in a day but this is not true this is very tough job and you need much hard working to earn online. Okay! now what you should have is English language skill and an internet connected computer and of course time. Below is the list through which you may make money by freelancing work.

Top 8 Freelancing Sites

  1. HubStaff Talent
  2. Elance.com
  3. Freelancer.com
  4. iFreelance.com
  5. oDesk.com
  6. Upwork.com
  7. Peopleperhour.com
  8. Guru.com
  9. vWorkers.com
Recently, Elance o Desk have been merged with Upwork. That is the reason which compelled me to create a video tutorial on it, in the tutorial I have not completed information but when you create account you must fill your full information so as your profile look professional. Moreover, when you complete your profile must read the terms and conditions and FAQs of the site. 

I hope you would like this post let me know how did your find Make Money by Freelancing post of this site.


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