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29 Apr 2016


What is Fiverr Making Money with Fiverr | Urdu Hindi

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What is Fiverr?

There are hundreds of offline and online businesses such as search engine optimization services, product selling, Factories etc. Fiverr works like a dealer. For example I have a small business where I produce combs, now I need customers to sell my product, so I will post my product on Fiverr with description such as "I sell 50 combs in $1" now those who need combs whether to sell or personal use they will contact me and ask me to sell them my product. 

You can find the video below but this is in Urdu or Hindi language. For English please find the tutorial on YouTube.

In this way I will find my customers and customers will find their desired product. As I have always written about online earning I would like to give an example of online business. I have embedded an video training in this post in which I have give example of online work. I have created a Gig (post) which says "I will do 5000 Facebook Page likes in $5" now if someone finds the same question or relevant my gig will be listed in Google search results. If the customer want to get 5000 Facebook likes they will pay me for that and I'll give them the likes. That is the phenomena use at Fiverr.
At fiverr gig may be considered as posting a business. read the above examples word gig is used there. When you create a Gig you will have to fill the information, The information contains Title, Description, Rate, Image, Package etc. 
Here you may create packages for your gig such as we can add two packages for our one gig. One will say that I will give hundred backlinks in five dollars and second will say I will give five hundred backlinks in ten dollars. so you may add about three packages in there. 
What is fiverr Making Money with Fiverr

How to Earn More with Fiverr?

When you have created a gig on fiverr you need make sure that all the details are filled properly and the images is attractive that attracts the customer towards your post. Try to give little more than the gigs already providing. Most importantly share your gigs on different social media sites, find relative Facebook groups and share it there. Further you may advertise your gig at any site so that customer could reach you. They best way which works is that you should provide unique gigs which are not already on Fiverr 
I think these tips are enough to earn money from Fiverr. 



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