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19 Apr 2016


How to Make Android App For Free Without Coding

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In past I wrote about flashing a china tablet however this post will cover the topic how to develop android app without coding and upload in Google Play Store? As we know these days android devices such as mobile and tablets are used much, every hand has a cell phone which contains applications. Therefore I decided to write about it. Most of the us are habitual of using mobiles whenever we get time and we do it several times in a day. An android applications is the most used method to market our product or business. It is one which is on the go in every minute when user opens his mobile. 

How to Create Android App?

The video below is the best way to understand it. This is in Urdu and Hindi language however may be understood by other language speakers too.

Here I have used App Yet website in order to build app. I chose it because it does not demand any money however when you use advertisement your ads will be 70% and App creator will show 30% of their ads.
It contains following tabs to create an application.
General: At first you will have to fill your blogger or business details.
Modules: It is very important part of your application, modules are those which will be shown in your application, in order to add our blogger posts you will have to add Feed (Rss/Atom) of your blog. you may create for blogspot as well.
Settings: Here you can put some important things for your app such as e-mail address which will make your applications trusted and Google analytic etc.
Themes: Here we can change the theme of our app like Lighter and Darker. Both may be kept in that case the user will decide which appearance he would like to use.
Monetize: This the most important option when it comes to the main purpose of building an android app. It allows you to put your earning ads code in the application.
Pro: Here you may change your plan with appyet.
Build: This is the final step which allows you to download your created application. Note application will be e-mailed to you and would require an unzipper like Winrar and 7zip. 
Now just copy this APK file in any android device and your application will start working.

How to Make Your Application Live in Google Play Store?

Now this is the place where you will be needed and Google Developer account. This will cost your about 25 Dollars for one time only. 
But If you don't want to put it on the play store then put it in any online storage site such as 4shared and Mediafire and ask your visitor to download it.

Advantages of Android Application.

Few common benefits of apps are as below.
  • It is on the go kind of thing that user does not need to go to browser first and then open his objective.
  • Available to the world all the time.
  • Sync with Blogs, Sites, Banks and Businesses.
  • Allow developers to Make Money with it. (Using Admob and many other ways)
  • Easy to Use and Faster.
how to create an app

Need Help?

I think the video which I have created is the best way to make it easy but if you still have confusion or any technical issue then just comment below so that I could get what you exactly need. I think Developing Android Application is not much difficult with this without coding tutorial. 

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  1. Thank you for sharing this tutorial on How to Develop Android Application Free . It is very useful and easy to understand. I work in android app development company and suggest this tutorial for every beginner in android app development.



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