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29 Apr 2016


How to Get 20K Page Views to Blog? | Hindi Urdu

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In our previous posts of blogger tutorial we have learnt to create, design, categorize and customized a blog. We made our blog beautiful and elegant when we put Facebook Like Widget, Social sharing icon, and other gadgets in our blog.

How to Get Referral Traffic to New Blog?

After all that now we need traffic to our blog in order to spread our business or blog. The term traffic means the visitor to our blog or website.

This is Lesson 15 -- Visit Step By Step Blogger Tutorial Here 

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Now here if we have created a blog for the purpose of making money or when a blog for our business have then we need more visits on our site so that we can take benefit of making it popular as well as earn with it through applying ads on it.
In this post I have embedded a video which is visualizing a training of bringing visitors to our blog from social media sites such as Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter. These sites are most common and most used sites getting page views from these sites is not much difficult. These are the best sources of traffic for our newly made blog. We can get 20000 Page views to new blog through this way.
The traffic which is coming via search engines such as Google is called Organic traffic whereas the traffic from other sites is called referral traffic and the traffic which is coming through direct website opening is called direct traffic.
We can get referral traffic through Pinterest, Digg, Raddit, Stumbleupon and from much more places.
Be noted that as much traffic you would have so much money you will make through blog.
Make sure that you have added your blog in Google Index and Alexa Listing because these make our site rank best and give traffic.
If you really want to get more traffic to your site you must to Search Engine Optimization for it. Because it is the only way to make your site rank top in Google and other search engines.
how to increase blog traffic

What are Keywords and How to Use Them?

The Things which you need to focus is to put the best keywords into blog post. Keywords means the words which are most searched in Google. 
For example in Google we search for "Earning Money Online" then only those sites or blog will appear which contain this specific word in the post or post title. But note that only those sites which have good SEO and are not spam will be at top.
At first try to add only low competition and more searched keywords as they will give you more traffic. This time do not think about wealth or money but traffic to blog only.

What to ask question?

I think video above describes the way to understand the topic but if you are facing problem still then feel free to contact through comment box below.

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