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29 Apr 2016


Download Android APK From Google Play Store

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What is APK?

APK stands for Application Package Installer. When we need to download any kind of application for our android mobile we go to Google Play Store and search for desired application and download it and install it but we can install that file only in our mobile but what if any of our friend need it and he does not have internet access? The solution for this is that you can download an APK file which may be backed up and shared through Bluetooth and mass storage to other devices.

How to Download APK File?

In order to do that you will have to use a third party website which will allow you to download an APK file into your mobile or PC. In other words we can say that Downloading Applications without Google Play. For this purpose we at first go to Google Play and browse our application and after that we copy the main link of it and paste to the third party site and click on "Download" your application will be downloaded. 
There are millions of apps which are used around the world. Android is playing a very good role in the field of information technology. Websites are seemed to be replaced with applications, I mean websites much of the traffic is coming through apps. The extra benefit is that application owner are earning with these apps through putting their ads in, the best ads are provided by Google using a program named Admob. Learn how to create an android app without coding and installing android apps on computer.
Android system is taking control, few days ago when I went to my friend’s home he powered on the LCD, that LCD was a smart TV which means there was an android system installed in it. The functions were awesome and it could be operated through TV Remote and keyboard mouse. There when he asked me to install Subway Surfer game I got confused because he had no internet connection therefore I thought to discuss this matter with you that we are now able to install android applications without Google Play Store. However, at that time when I had no APK files, I used my mobile’s hotspot and shared mobile internet with TV.

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