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5 Mar 2016


Tsu V3.0 Update Review | Earn Online

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In our last post, How to make money with TSU Rising Social Media we described the full details with a video training, In this post we are going to discover the Black colored tsu.

How did Tsu Ranked Higher?

Tsu launched on October 21st 2014 since it was green that was the time when about 05 million people started to use this site the main reason of using this site was that "You Can Earn with Entertainment". Tsu decided to share about 90% of its revenue with the users but they kept a condition that the #Content should be #Original, Nevertheless users are using copied contents and they think that they will make more money via it however this is not truth, The #OriginalContent are the main source to earn. 
In starting tsu used advertisement from lower advertiser but later on they probably satisfied Google to show the AdSense Ads on it, besides they are offering Sponsored Ads. 

Major Updated in Tsu v3.0

Have a look at the below image you will see that at first it was of Green Color but now it is with Black and purple color however the font color is still white. The links, Hashtags and buttons are purple. 

  • Topics and Channels.

You were following users but now you can follow topic and channels.

  • Channels and Where are your Groups

Previously we had groups in the left menu now those are called channels, the channels which have less members are not shown in Channels, though they are shown under different categories, in those categories the group's topic is related to.

  • Topics

The 13 topics have been added in order to properly categorize posts and increase the visibility .

  • Difference between Channels and Topics

Topics may be considered as Communities or Categories same as the channels are Sub-categories. Further channels are user owned and topics are tsu owned. 

  • How to post in Categories and Feed.

Feed is your own timeline and the categories are for the entire tsu community. You can post either on one places or at both places. After clicking on Create Post (Purple button at right corner) the post will appear in your own feed only and also on social network which you have integrated.

In order to post in community or topics, you will have to go to topic first and then click on Posting Area the following window will appear.
There is a tick mark option "Show post on social fee" this is either to post on your own feed and in community or only in community.
An other option is "Post to" there is a choice of community where you want to post in. 

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I have tried my level best to describe all it in easy way but if in case of any inconvenience feel free to get engaged via comment box below.



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