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5 Mar 2016


How to Be Saved From tsu Account Suspension?

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In order to be saved from tsu account ban, suspend or penalty you need to keep following things in your mind. If your account is already banned I think it would be difficult or even impossible to get it back. Even if you get your account back then no money will be there. 

Why did my account suspended?

Yesterday one of my friend told me that his account is suspended from tsu when I asked him reason he forwarded me the notice send my tsu community manager the notice is as below however is account is suspended.
The above note clearly clarify that tsu did not banned his account at once but they sent him notification about 04 times before and this was the fifth one when they suspended his account. It also does not indicate that the tsu is scam.

How to Be Saved from tsu Account Suspension?

After having a look at above notice received from tsu I think it clarifies everything, Nevertheless it is explained below.
  • Copied posts shares its revenue to #OriginalContent only, If you are copying something from google it will be the reason of your account suspension. Whereas if you are posting something and the creator of it allows you to post then no issue should take place. However the best way is to post your own contents.

  • Spamming Comments
If you are commenting with spamy words like using vulgar language or comment same comment over and over this one might be the cause. Never post words such as Like4like, Comment4Comment, Shareforshare, sharing is caring.
  • Never use tsu specially for Earning
"tsu is not a place to get rich quickly" is said by community manager. I think I don't need to explain any more but if you try to use it only for make money with, you will start to spam it which may be cause of your account ban.
  • Using wrong #Hashtags
No doubt hashtags make posts more visible but using this in wrong way such as #Share4Share, #CommentforComment and #FollowMe will make your account fall in tsu penalty. Besides if you use irrelevant hashtags that will surely ban you.
  • Using Tsu Brand.
If word "tsu" is used in username or name without prior permission will surly vanish you from the platform. Beside using tsu logo image as profile photo will do the same.

Final words

Tsu is a platform which allows you to earn with fun, never use is solely for earning purpose. If you earn halal you will gain the benefit or else, I cannot say anything. 

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