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22 Mar 2016


Facebook Groups List For Traffic Bringing to Blog

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We know that Facebook has risen after 2004 and It has become the best ever source of traffic to the sites. This Facebook Groups List is one in which there are Millions of members in each groups It took long time to find these groups but finally I have done it.

Facebook Public Groups List

These groups sometimes allow you to post directly and some times they approve it to be posted so do not disconnect from these groups and try at different times to post there. Nevertheless, you can comment in each post of group.

Choice Between Groups and Pages.

No doubt if you have a page on Facebook and you have about 200,000 likes on it then it's the best source as compared to groups but If you cannot get such number of likes then groups are the second best choice.
The difference between group and page is the in groups everyone may be allowed to post in the groups and there are types of groups such as Secret, Closed and Public groups whereas there in no such option in pages.  
Facebook Groups List
In groups you can add anyone you will but on pages you can not take likes until the user does not want him or herself. In groups certain discussions may be made whereas in pages no such kind of option is availed.


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  2. SIR i am not getting visitors for my blog.max 100 visitors sometimes and somtimes no. how to deal with this problem

    1. Hello Preeti,
      Let me know, are you using keywords in your posts?
      How many posts are there in your blog?
      Do you have a Facebook Page?
      Let me know these things

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  4. Thanku sir.i have watched all your videos regarding blogging ans i am following that.plz upload tutorial video to understand google web master dashboard.will it help To attract more visitors

    1. Surly in few days I will try to do that. That is mostly used for indexing sites in Google Search Engine and to identify issues if there in your blog or site. apart from that I thing nothing is important.

    2. Preeti, I gave you three links in above comment have you seen those?

  5. thanku sir, i have watched all of them. they are really helpfull

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