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5 Mar 2016


Tips: Boost Your Tsu Earnings

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How to make more money on tsu? Well! it is an amazing question and is mostly asked when someone has created a account on it. There are various things which have been changed after tsu 3.0 update
how to earn more on tsu

How to generated more revenue on tsu?

In order to earn more on tsu you need to be active all the time, what I have read today that is if the user is not active for about 48 hours the monetization will be off and it will back when the user actives again. it is an other condition of tsu to post at least three time and meet the minimum required views for each post in order to earn more. I don't know what the hell they have said I mean posting tree times in a day is like we are doing a part time job on tsu. this condition is totally bad idea. They are making it complicated.

Always be active on this network and do authentic comments and like. do not spam the network.

The best way of boosting or increasing earning is to make a Family Tree
Family tree is basically made when someone creates account via your short code which you gained while creating account. here is how you earn more with referral code.
What is Family tree on tsu
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The above image shows the importance of family tree. Now you will be thinking that how to generated family tree?
In order to make it just ask your friends to join tsu by using your short code. Such as my code is Those who will create an account via your code will be your network children.

Increase number of friends to gain more likes, comments and share. Followers are the second source to engage more as friends are limited to 5000 only.

Note: The earning are only possible when your stuff is shared not when your share someones'. And that earnings are always shown on next day in the section of bank. Must read tsu FAQ before starting.



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