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26 Nov 2015

Porcupine v/s Leopard | Both Animals Are Fighting

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We mostly write about The Best Way to Make Money Online but today we are gonna write about Porcupine and Leopard fight so first here is intro about both of those. Porcupines are basically the rodents having the sharp even very sharp spines on their back spines are some times called quills there are two types of these animals which have spines but those both are not quit relevant to each other means they both are different from each and other, these are found in Europe, Asia, Northern South America and North America. They are found in wooden areas and zones these eat green leaves for living in life, and their spines are very sharp these have different kind.  

Video: Fight of Leopard and Porcupine.

Leopard Fights with Procupine by waheedxamo

Now coming to the leopards, Leopard is a common animal so most of people are aware of it. It is the one of those five which are called big cats. This animal has four legs and big skull and is very sharp by mind the best thing which a leopard can do is the running very fast behind it's food. In the Indian old movies the leopards skin was usually kept on the floor as a carpet and the head was hung against the walls showing that the man is brave that he had hunted this leopard. 

So the video about would clear the fight between  a porcupine and leopard.