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26 Sep 2015


How to find my Chinese Tablet Firmware or Flash File by Board ID?

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If your tablet is not working and you are not finding Chinese tablets for sale this this is the best place you have come to get your tablet flashed.
These days approximately someone in one home has a table, as the Chinese tablets and mobiles are more used due to their less price. If you have Android Tablet which Stuck on Android Start Screen then find out our next article regarding how to renew software of Chinese tablet. in which I have told that how to easily flash your tablet at you home. If you have downloaded the firmware then skip reading this article.

Finding your tablet board ID and Processor.

If you want to find out the firmware file of your tablet then the first step is to find out Board ID and Processor. Either you believe or not but most of the tablets whether they are Chinese or branded like Samsung have mostly the same firmware. after flashing your tablet will function well and in new style and new way which would be more better. most of the processors are A13 and A10.

To find out the firmware and tablet model you will be needed to open up your tablet but do not worry and do not get panic it is easy and no risky.

1. The most tablets do not have the screws. so you need to separate two halves with some plastic opener or with knife but do it very carefully. shown in image below

2. After you have opened the tablet you will find it's board like. and watch out wires carefully which are connecting speaker.

3. Now look at the main board you must see the processor number like A13 or A10 etc. 

4. At last look at the board to find out board ID which will look like. that is usually at the top of the processor. 

Now this board the ID and processor names have been found then we need to write them to gather to find out the firmware name and then find out and download the firmware from internet. 
The Firmware Name for this is: A13 CB-M RU 94V-0 Firmware

Let me help you be letting you know that now you need to find out firmware by writing processor model, Board ID and Brand Name.

Now what to Do next is to Flash you Tablet at home with downloaded Firmware.

You may also find Chinese Tablets for Sale on shopping sites such as amazon and ebay.


  1. Need Firmware for Actions P706 with ATM7021A


    Thx ;)

  2. I need a firmware also for ATM7021A
    ZX-A10-V1.0 131102

  3. Need firmware for YK98VQ-RK3126-V1.0 Tablet OSHION 9" Cannot download from Pan-Baide, I really need help finding this stock rom, It's the same Rom as the HUU H901 tablet.Thnaks for any help rmontgo3 a gmai

  4. Replies
    1. khoya ila l9iti had flash pasih liya lah irham lik lwalidin

    2. i need this firmware too....if you have it plz contact me

  5. hello,,
    pls give me a firmware to flash my tab.....
    BOARD ID :V76-V1.6
    CPU : A33

    it will b very helpful for me ,...thanks

  6. I need firmware for ATM7031B CB-M RU 94V-0

  7. looking for YK98VQ-RK3126-V2.1 (CHINA Android tablet).
    Thanks for any helping.

    1. i need this firmware too....if you have it plz contact me

  8. looking for of board id k111_MB_v1.2 in tablet crown mini B771

  9. looking for RK3128 R10_V1.1 20141120 (CHINA Android tablet).

  10. hey i also need a frimware for ATM7021A 94V-0

  11. Need firmware for board Id:al-mt83xx-706m-v1.2 -21-2016.05.19

  12. al-mt83xx-706m-v1.2 -21-2016.05.19 firmware needed

  13. need firmware for board/DAMV7AMB8D0, PROSS./MT8125 1343-BFSL 32 QUAD CORE......pleaSE

  14. I need firmware for my Verizon ELLIPSAIS 7 QM7A...BOARD/DAMV7AMB8DO...PROCESS./MEDIA TEK/MT8125 OR MT6628GP (1343-BFSL)...PLEASE ...ALSO OS/4.2.2 JELLY B. THANKS

  15. I need firmware for Tenko T7X
    processor names is RK3026 BOAD ID 7500-M75260-01R

  16. bro need firmware for dany tab Q4 :(


  18. i need firmware for PINSHE MT6582V zh960-mb-v4.0



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