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10 Jul 2015


Boost Your Brain | Human Brain Facts

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Introduction to Brain Facts

If we talk about human brain facts then the brain is called emperor of body but according to the recent survey of International Federation of Aging most of the people are unconscious of the ways to keep their brain fresh. Brain Games, Yes yes brain games. If you are keen to solve cross words or other puzzles of daily newspaper then this habit is useful for you. or any other mathematics exercise would be useful for your brain means any kind of work which could fall you mind into challenge. apart from this body exercise contribute in brain boosting.

Brain Foods

In food, usage of healthy food is guarantee of healthy brain, unhealthy foods like alcohol and tobacco must not be used or at least should me used limited.  and the salt should also be used little because it may be the cause of diabetes, high blood pressure and the stroke, Try to meet with friends and relatives everyday for few minutes cause it makes you brain flexible.

Aggressive Brain

This could be anything like reading a recipe and try to prepare it or getting the meaning of any new word or going to office with a new path, doing something apart from the routine makes your brain aggressive. 

Healthy Brain

It has been found through technical reports of Brain Research that knowledge of more than one language can be useful for old age it also helps brain to take quick decision.

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Brain and Water

Drinking eight glasses of water on daily basis in very useful for brain. 

Brain and Study

Reading new books and memorizing new words also boosts you brain ability.


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