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9 Jul 2015


Horse Meat Is Sold in Markets | Horse Meat | Horse Killing

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In my website I mostly write about Make Money Online. but here as the title of this topic is describing that the Meat of the Horses is sold in the markets, in the video given below a man standing infront of the horse is hitting on the head of horse with the back of an axe then they cut it with very bad way and you will also see some of the hanging meat of the horse as well, the blood is seen on floor and several people are recording it as well. this meat is not only sold in Pakistan but perhaps in other countries as well.


Is Horse Meat Halal ?

Eating horse meat in Islam is strictly prohibited and it is called the haram (Prohibited In Islam).

Horses are not hidden from anyone in the world even a child knows about a horse, but something more is here in the past years the horses were used to ride in the season of battles and it was the only thing to ride on for high speed travel. These days horses are used for riding, entertainment and for a game called Polo, Polo is basically a game similar to hockey but they players have to be on the horses, in polo horses run instead of human and human are sited on horses. 

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Horse has an other amazing thing which is they can sleep both by standing and lying. Horses are used for official use as well in which they are used by policemen and also in agriculture. Horses become young in the age of five years and their entire life is between twenty five to thirty years. but in past they lived for about 60 years. Horses have different colors like black and brown. 



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