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5 Jul 2015


Black Lips to Pink Lips | Home Remedies To Get Natural Pink Lips

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How to Get Pink Lips

Lips darkening is a skin and beauty problem which may cause due to several reasons. like excessive smoking, dehydration, excessive usage of make up products, stomach inflaming and some others. There are a lot of home based remedies which are used to lightening the lips to pink color. MastFun4u is going to share some home based remedies for pink lips.

What are the causes of Dark Lips ?

1) More use of cheap quality lipsticks
2) Using expired lipsticks
3) lack of Vitamins in body.

Thinks which must be done to avoid darkening of lips

1) Usage of lip balms or chap sticks to moisture your lips and hydrating your lips in the day time. 
2) Usage of quality and fresh makeup for lips like lip glosses and lipstick.

Home Remedies for Natural Pink Lips

Brush with Toothpaste or Apply sugar Very gently clean your lips with toothbrush using little toothpaste it will remove dead cells from upper layer of your lips, you may use sugar to remove dead cells.

Lemon Juice

Best remedy to pink your lips naturally is to use lemon Juice at home, Add half a teaspoon of the honey and mix it with lemon juice and then apply on your lips remember this is the best remedy to lighten your lips.


Using the beetroot has the amazing bleaching and the lightening properties you may easily change your dark lips into light pink lips, you can use juice of it as well.



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