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16 Apr 2015


Complain e-mail or Websites in Pakistan

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What is Cyber Crime | Cyber Crime in Pakistan

Cyber crime is a computer crime done by some criminal who try to hack your e-mail or website, so keeping the same in view Pakistan Government has established a new wing named as Cyber Crime Wing which in Islamabad but you do not need to worry You can complain from any corner of Pakistan through below sources.

Fax: 051-9262376
Phone: 051-9260944


I has been a long time that I am receiving E-mails from some e-mail sending criminals, saying that "I am daughter of a father with a huge property, which transferred only on my name, and I have some step brothers also and they want to snatch this property from me, therefore I am wishing to migrate to your country with all my property, so please send me your contact details so that I could send you some money" 
So these are the e-mails which are received to me again and again from various different e-mail addresses not only these e-mails but when I give a reply then they show me some fake passports and ID cards as well. 

If you make a long corresponding with them they will finally try to call you in their country to make a big criminal activity by you or will tell you to send their advocate some money so that he or she could send you the huge amount in your account.

Some please do not believe on such things, do not send them any of your personal information and complain such kind of things on above mentioned contacts of Cyber Crime Wing, Islamabad, Pakistan or we can say Cyber Crime Complaint Centre.



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