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13 Dec 2014


How to Cash Online Earned Money

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Ways to withdraw money from internet in Pakistan and India with paypal, western union, payza and payoneer
In this post I am going to describe cash withdrawal using credit card and bank. The cash may be earned from internet or elsewhere. 

How to Withdraw Money Earned from Internet?

As we have describe various ways to earn from internet today we are explaining the ways of getting that earned money in cash. For that purpose you need to learn services which are used for the this purpose, those all are being discussed one by one below.

1. What is Wire Transfer?

The first way of getting money cashed is to transferring it into your "Bank Account". This term in the field of IT is called "Wire Transfer". Many sites like AdSense and Dailymotion use this method to send amount to payee around the world.


If your money is in dollars then you will be needed an account with "Swift Code" and IBAN. but if your earnings are in native currency then you do not need both of these. 

What is IBAN, How do I get it?

IBAN as shown above stands for International Bank Account Number, It is given to each bank account while your account is opened.
Pakistan government decided to provide a IBAN to each of the Bank Account this code was of 24 digits. See your bank provided letter or Bank statement if you don't know yours.

What is SWIFT Code?

Swift code is a unique code which is given to each bank in the world, one bank may have one or more code, only one code will be main code the other will be as per branch. If you have earned from internet and want to receive payment then you can find main SWIFT code for your bank. This code help international bank to identify the area to send money.  
How to Get Money from Internet -- Video is in Urdu and Hindi for English keep reading text.

2. What is Western Union?

Western Union is basically a money exchange, which is available in Pakistan, India and about in all countries of the world. We can use this way to withdraw money earned from Google AdSense, Bidvertiser, Tsu and many other sites.
Remember it allows you to withdraw minimum or $100, and in different countries you will have to pay some tax. If your money is in dollars and you want to withdraw in your currency then currency exchange rate will be applied.

How to Receive Money from Western Union? 

This is the fastest way to get money earned via internet or any else way. If you want to get payout from internet, first you will have to set western union as payment method. You will receive a call and will be furnished a Pass Code and will ask you for National Identity Card Number (NIC), after exchanging both of those you will be able to get money in cash from any Western Union Branch around the world. 

3. Via ATM using Paypal and Payoneer

Paypal and Payza are online accounts to store money on internet these also allow you to withdraw through credit card, make purchases online and transfer your money to anyone in the world. To get money in cash via ATM you will have to connect Payza or Paypal with a MasterCard. If you don't have a MasterCard you may get one from Payoneer.

What is Payoneer?

Payoneer is basically an online bank account and the best feature is that you can bring its MasterCard to your country after receiving it you may make purchase or withdraw this money via ATM.
This is best choice for those who are earning from internet because they can transfer their funds from any website to Payoneer account directly or first transfer to Paypal then to Payoneer.

Sign up HERE for Payoneer to get 25 dollars of reward but in case if you receive 100 dollars in your account. Card will be delivered to your home within 12-14 days


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  1. hello sir...The payoneer master card service is fully free service...I mean we will dont give us any kind of delivry chared...

  2. salam sir we transfer money our bank account through paypal



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