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6 Dec 2014


How to Start a Successful Blog?

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Second post of blogger course is How to Start a Successful Blog without HTML Skills? Our wizard is in Urdu, Hindi and English Languages.

If you are new in this incredible field of blogging then you are exactly at the right place. In next few minutes you will make your very first blog which will be live on internet within few seconds and anyone will be able to access it.

Video of Creating Successful Blog is in Urdu Language for English Go to end of Post

To create a free blog without HTML we have some platform which provide pre-designed layouts, what you have to do is just write the posts and publish them with world. Get started with creation of blog it will be our very first post to create a blog. but before this we have some question and their answer which are as follows.

Step By Step Blogger Tutorials (Each Post Has a Video)
Lesson 01
Over View to Blogger Tutorial  (You're here - watch video is below)
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Adding Contact Us Form in Blogger (Will be added soon)
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What blogging Platform I Should Choose?

This is the first question that a newbie asks, in the world of blogging there are main two platform which are used most. those are Blogger and Wordpress. here in our course we will focus on blogger as its hosting is totally free. 
Before getting started with blogger have a look at both popular platforms.

Blogger Blogging Platform

Undoubtedly! it is the best option for those who are new in this field, most of the blogger like me use blogger at first but later on some of them go with Wordpress and some keep using it. I am still using blogger because I think it is very easy to use. most importantly it is full free. 

The only thing you will to buy is a domain which is of about $10 for a year. (If you don't want to buy domain then let your blog address will be like but after buying domain it will be like

Blogger is basically provided by Google and so its hosting, Its interface is very easy and anyone even less educated may use it.

It's html is very easy and compiled at one place. It's dashboard and layout are very easy. Settings in this are quite simple.

WordPress Blogging Platform

It is basically first choice of those who are web developer because it is very powerful tool and supports HTML, CSS and PHP, in this platform you can make any kind of database even complicated one. The organization use this as first priority. 

Wordpress is not as simple as blogger is because it's dashboard is little difficult. In starting it will show various debugging errors, it is very challenging in staring and take much time to set-up.

There are two types of it one is in which your self hosted blog will be like (www.yourblogname.wordpress,con) and second which is expensive at starting is in which your self hosted account will be like ( 

At first priority new bloggers should go with blogger as it is cheaper and very easy to use. and it is making professional blogs.

Making your very first but successful one

you can start a successful blog here.
  • At first you must have a Gmail ID go and get one.
  • Now proceed to Blogger
  • You will see two options 1) Creating a Google Plus Profile 2) Creating a Limited Blogger Profile you may go with either of them.
  • To create a blog proceed with "New Blog" button
Explanation: Have a look at above image and see below instructions.
  1. In title enter your blog's name
  2. In address enter your blog's or site address for which you want your blog to be found on internet (i.e
  3. Choose design of your blog
  4. Now finally press "Create Blog" and your blog will be made and would be live.
For more explanation watch below video.
                Creating a blog English Language Video

In above given video you will learn about creating a blog, posting in blog, labeling a post and overview of blogger interface.
In the video a little about blog designing is told but further will be explained in our course's next post so keep reading.


I hope after reading this post and watching it videos you have learnt How to create a successful blog? if not please let me know through comment box below.


  1. wahid bhai ap itna mhnat aur lagn aur dil se detail samjhate hain k maza aa gya es website p.
    thanks mazeed tutorial post artical ka intzar rhe wishesh

    1. Thanks dear.. I would be posting as more as possible

  2. bhai maine apko folow kr k ba asani blog practic k lye free bana lya hai
    kindly ap thori si help krdain k visitor kaise laon aur es se earning k lye kya kroon,

    1. Dear
      Have you done your posting with Basir SEO for Blog Post
      And then post all of your posts on facebook, in the group which have about two or three lack members.

    2. Walaikum Us Salam dear,
      Thanks for your support

  3. Assalam alaikum wahed bhai ..mujhe travel ki web site banana hai kaise banao batado plese

    1. Dear ap is post se hi agli video training ki post mein jayein.
      Iske elawa mein kuch dino mein blogger ka ek tafseeli video training course banaoga jiske through ap koi bhi website bana sakte ho.



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