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6 Nov 2014

SEO Sins which can Destroy your Google Career

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Approximately all of blogger what to be at #1 ranked and implement a lot of SEO techniques, but some of them exceed the limits of Google Adsense rules and regulations which cause them to be a SEO Sinner.

SEO Sins which can Destroy your Google Career!!!
1. Buying Backlinks

Every blogger who create a make money blog want to get more and more backlinks to his blog for increasing traffic on his blog some of them buy backlinks and they think that google can't find them but let me tell you that google is not blind it is more smarter than a blogger. so stop to do this sin.

2. Exceeding Keywords Placing Limit

Most of the newbie who has recently understood the keywords, they think that putting more keywords on their site will make their site on top rank and they put more than one keyword in two lines, I will recommend you to put 3-4 in one post.

3. Broken links

Subsequently watch for broken links in google webmaster tools and then crawl error and block them by robot.txt, this option is also available in same tools.
Example of broken link is: 404 error and wrong guided links.

4. Copying Contents

New blogger who have never blogged ever make this basic mistake and they create a blog for making money online because they have listened that google provide a program named adsense they just do this mistake.

5. Excessive Interlinks

Putting interlinks more than the limit can also be cause of your blogging career destruction so be careful while making interlinks.
Before applying seo in your blog you must know that what is seo.

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I hope that you enjoyed and understood the above SEO sins and I hope that you will subscribe for the more tips and tricks.