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6 Nov 2014

Quick Ranking Tips For Blogger Blogspot

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Creating a website or blog is very easy but it is said that implementing search engines ranking techniques on it is difficult, but don't worry it is just difficult not impossible, 

Today we will discuss some easy tips to get better ranking in search engines. the techniques which I am going to discuss are search engine optimization techniques to increase your blog traffic.

Here are the Tips.

1. Selecting a Niche: 

Do you know? What is niche? let me explain, Niche is basically the main topic on which you have created you site or blog, I hope that you have understood that what is niche? Now for SEO you will have to optimize your niche simply, see my post How to search Killer Keyword to Rank Your Site at Top. 

2. Using Google Webmaster tools to improve your blogging SEO

After choosing your niche from Google Keyword Planner now you will have to add you blog in the Google Webmaster tools through which you will be able to add your site in Google Search Engine.

3. Keyword Placement.

After adding your website in Google's index and selecting your niche you will have to add Google advised words in your posts. the best placement of keywords in to place them on every post's top two lines and bottom two lines, let me tell you that only adding two keywords in one post may also take you on top ranking and make keywords bold.

4. Create Internal Links.

You have must listened about internal linking, but do you know what is that? If no then let me tell you that what is interlinking, now just have a look at tip no 1 of this post there is a link that shows How to search killer keywords to rank your site at top, that is called internal link.

Now make sure that you have inserted at least 02 internal links in one post this will no doubt take your site at height in Google ranking and this will also make your reader to be on your site for long time.

I hope that my search engine optimization tutorial has not disappointed you. If you liked these basic tips then kindly subscribe to my blog for more and killer blogging and seo tips.
Take care.