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7 Nov 2014

Boost Your OLD Blog Post

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For newbies blogger there is always a question that how to blog effectively ? and what about old blog posts? Therefore today I have thought to describe all those procedures to "Make Alive Your Old Blog Posts" So without any delay Let's learn it.

Here are the Ideas to boost your old blog post.

Change Title to SEO Friendly.

If you had written titles in past time then search them on Google Keyword Planner for current year trends and searches and then Change them to SEO Friendly Titles. by doing this permalink will not be changed but your displaying title will be changed and this information will be sent quickly to the google.

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Link Your Old Posts to New Posts

From SEO techniques and tips, this is the best way to increase and attract your visitors to old blog posts, you just will have to link your old posts with new ones, This trick is called Internal Linking in search engine optimization tips.

Sharing On Social Media

There is no doubt that for your old blog post you had done a lot of hardworking and invested you time, but after that everything your old posts are not being visited any more so I think Social Media Network link Posting is the good  way to boost old blog posts, therefore share your post with Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Google+.

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Pin an Image On Pinterest

Let me tell you that if Pinterest is used wisely then it is the best option to increase your blog traffic because it gives you a chance to upload a picture with every link so you can post your one post link on one Pin on your every pin you will find new and fresh traffic to your site.

Re-writing Your Old Post with New & Latest Updates and Keywords

As the subject describes you should find new and latest updates for your post and also add new trended keywords for betterment of  Search engine optimization.

Stumble Your Post

StumbleUpon is basically a Social Book Marking website which is the best site for submitting your posts individually so you can easily post your old post over there and you will find the visitors from this and this is better option is social media bookmarking sites.

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