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14 Nov 2014

What is Computer Memory and It's Types

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What is computer memory is the most asked question for those who are studding and also for those who are new to computer word, here is the answer.
Memory is the place in computer where data and information are stored.
Computer memory is divided into two main categories, primary ( main memory) and secondary memory.
Like our brains, computer's memory may be both short-term and long-term memory to store data. Main memory is of two types that is RAM and ROM. (Random access memory is the most well known form of computer memory.
It is important for your computer operations as the RAM determines how quickly
and efficiently the computer may perform your tasks and operations
RAM is short-term memory ,Its contents disappear when electrical power is cut off. RAM capacity may be available in the range from 64 MB to 2 GB and even more.

The main types of RAM are

1. Static RAM (SRAM)
2. Dynamic RAM (DRAM) )


RAM speeds up the processor's operations
RAM stores data temporarily
The contents of RAM are wipedout when
PC is shutdown or its power cut of

Note: When you use a program, the computer loads a portion of that program
from hard drive to RAM. When you "save" your work or quit the program,
the data which gets written back to hard drive.

ROM: It contains instructions or data that can be read only but not modified.
Few types 'of ROM memory are used to store instructions that are needed to be
executed when computer is turned on. For example, the ROM memory on a PC
contains a set of instructions, called the Basic Input-Output System (BIOS). ROM
BIOS is stored on computer chip. It keeps the information even when computer
is powered off.

Thus, information in ROM is permanent and cannot be erased or written over easily. Newer technologies allow ROM to be semipermanent that is the information can be changed. For example, rewriteable CD drives.

Check Computer Memory is no more difficult these days through various tools.