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23 Oct 2014

How to change Facebook, Google, Youtube Theme

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How to change Facebook, Google, Youtube Theme

Many people have a question that How to change facebook background ? so here I will tell you that how to change facebook theme!!!

This all will be done with addons and extensions and will be only on those computer systems on which you have installed the same otherwise it will be default.

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Are you bored of staring at the boring blue color of facebook and recent classic logos of youtube and google? want a cool makeover ? If affirmative, then this post is of your interest.  Yes, it's potential to alter themes of the highest 3 web giants google, facebook and Youtube. All this will be done by exploitation trendy, alittle however powerful addon presently on the market for firefox and google chrome browser.You can create webpages on your system additional lovely than mine by putting in the fashionable add on. trendy add-on may be a free tool that aims to make a cool look to your most favorite websites  

conditions :

Firefox/Google chrome

If you're exploitation Firefox , then you have got to get downloaded the "Stylish" add-on from here .

if you're exploitation Chrome then get downloaded the "Stylish" extension from here

This extension will denote that How to change facebook background ? 

After the successful install, your browser must be restarted. After that, you're able to select and transfer your favorite user vogue from :
The theme are mechanically applied to the actual web site. The themes may also be disabled and removed after. therefore its time to undertake it by yourself. and you'll do a daily makeover of the websites you're keen on, to create your friends get shocked.

When you have done changing the facebook theme then you should also try to search for facebook writing style and facebook apps for pages, this will hopefully make you smile.

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