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11 Sep 2014

Islam and Science

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Islam and Science is the best topic to describe Quran and Science, 
How ought to the science be treated in Islam? Islam associate in the science has been an often quoted term for thinkers, writers and customary folks. it's created such a large amount of new interpretations, generally positive and generally negative. Here our competition is to produce you the fundamental ideas in Islam to create the concept clear. Islam could be a philosophy furthermore as science, solely purpose to grasp is however sturdy the link is between these 2. Has there been any link or not? And if there's to what extent is it practical? we tend to see range of individuals around U.S. UN agency don't take into account science vital and thus don't bring it in their lives argument that it's a materialistic approach towards life. is that this true for his or her lives? There are such a large amount of Articles and lectures written on this specific topic and here our purpose is to point out you the important image and allow you to decide what the fact in Islam is.

Before going into any longer detail it's vital to grasp what science extremely suggests that. There square measure such a large amount of interpretations and here is one amongst those, "Primary Science is associate in degree understanding of the selected factor that is existing physically and also the use of the principles of that understanding for the advantage of the humanity".

After reading the definition one will perceive that it's not a brand new factor as a result of its existence has been lang syne the start of humanity. Man has forever tried to create things easier and easier for his domestic and industrial life. Before Islam nice names like Aristotle and Plato square measure examples for the good work that conjointly highlights the importance of philosophy. currently we are going to discuss science when the existence of Islam.

Most of scientists and thinkers believe that arrival of Muhammad (SAW) and al-Qur'an was the foremost vital and the boasting purpose for science. it's primarily arrival of reality that helps to grasp the universe and purpose of its creation. actually that was the amount once science got new spirit despite of the very fact that philosophical explanations were created unendingly. al-Qur'an and Hadith describe their position overtly and clarifies that there's no clash between Islam and science rather it's wrong clarification of science that has created it suspicious. initial we glance at the lifetime of Muhammad (SAW). His life is true clarification of the fundamental of the science within which He unmoving out superstitions and recent traditions and told the folks reality. He knew the importance of information and created it required for each men and ladies. He raised the degree of learning seventy times on top of prayer to prove that for the understanding of faith, data regarding universe is very important. is that this not the aim of science? Science conjointly rejects superstitions and makes folks alert to true facts of the universe. when God Almighty he's the sole one that is aware of everything regarding this universe and to prove this He spent a sensible life and gave principles with logics on all fields of life. Here a matter rises, "Did He invent something?" the solution isn't any, as a result of science is associate degree awareness it doesn't need invention. nevertheless His teachings and philosophy have become theories of science day by day.

Now we tend to return to al-Qur'an, virtually all and sundry believes that al-Qur'an is that the solely authentic and sacred book of this universe as a result of books of alternative Prophets square measure either modified or not gift nowadays. the entire al-Qur'an is science in itself and calls the folks to recognize the hidden realities of the universe. it's aforementioned many times in al-Qur'an that there square measure signs for people who suppose and perceive. al-Qur'an explains each field of science and predicts even those things that man doesn't grasp. From the creation of this world and man and to the destruction of this universe, al-Qur'an explains everything. To prove this following statement is enough, "There isn't any discovery or invention of the science that is against the fundamental teachings of al-Qur'an and Hadith," thus Muslims, Christians, Hindus and Jews, all of them grasp that al-Qur'an is that the solely book of this world which will guide them to seek out the hidden realities of this universe.

Then wherever the matter is? this can be the important question and here is its answer. Islam says, "We ought to explore nature and universe to believe unity of God and to induce the blessings of Muhammad (SAW)." It implies that the last word result ought to be the formation of a society wherever, by new discoveries, positive changes return and other people becomes duteous to God Almighty. this can be conjointly the aim of our creation and science makes it clear for U.S. to be duteous to God and Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

What we've got done is our wrong approach towards science. we've got began to use science with materialistic approach which suggests we tend to believe solely those things that happen before our eyes or that have physical existence. This development makes U.S. materialist. primarily this idea is against the construct of science as a result of science will solely predict one thing. it's true that there square measure such a large amount of theories that square measure thought-about final however on the opposite hand it's conjointly true that they're not final verdicts. With the progress of science theories amendment time to time. Take the instance of Biology that when each fifty years changes fully. Atom was thought-about indivisible however currently it's over hundred sob-atomic particles. it's as a result of al-Qur'an is final finding of fact not the science and al-Qur'an doesn't need any mortal. Science supports spirituality and people things that don't exist physically. With the scientific discoveries we are able to predict that there's Heaven and Hell, which there's life when death. however strange it's that we tend to believe Newton's attractive force Law and don't believe that if gravitation force is force out nothing can survive on the world.

To make it short, Islam doesn't believe the materialistic approach towards science rather it takes science as associate degree instrument to guide the folks and to create the al-Qur'an and Hadith clearer for humanity. Its predictions square measure and discoveries, if we tend to take them in their real sense, do take U.S. just about God and show U.S. the authority of Almighty. however strange it's that al-Qur'an that's sent for all the humanity, doesn't has the link with a normal field science