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22 Aug 2014

Women Rights in Pakistan

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Women Rights in Pakistan

Hellows! Whereas i used to be aiming to pen the subject given to me for presentation, I stumbled on thought provocative purpose that what a Nation we tend to speak ON and ON! however have we tend to ever tried to concentrate upon what really we tend to area unit expression... What worth our words have if they modified to sensible truth! No we tend to ne'er meditate over the very fact behind the speech!

Only this can be the rationale we tend to area unit left behind! solely this! as a result of we've got derived the western nations within the respects despite the particular placatory result behind them! one in all the items within the long distracting list is that the Rights of women!

Let me raise my fellows UN agency area unit in favor of the subject that however they assert it's even to urge the girl get into the business, Factories, Schools, Offices and banks? we've got derived European nations in giving such stupid rights to our girl... however sorry to mention we tend to didn't follow our faith the faith of safety ... currently I raise my fellows that if the rights in each field area unit even then what answer they need for these corruptions in daily routine?

What answer they need for the daily no. of rapes increasing? currently I apologize for I m aiming to take away the duvet of unknowingness from your minds that u might not like however its truth!

Let’s take it this way! I agree t you! Rights of ladies altogether fields of life in West Pakistan area unit square me asure} justified! I agree upon taking them within the National Assembly? Then may you give me the answer for the issues of humility of their Modesty UN agency area unit during this field? return on lets take them within the offices? are you able to offer me the answer for all the actions against basic laws of Islam? They initially enter offices?

Against Islamic laws! Then the they sit down with persons they're not allowed to speak... against islamic laws... then they're going close to whom they're not allowed... against islamic laws... And here there they're ruined! ISLAM unbroken on convincing that was wrong they didn’t pondered! however currently it’s all gone! i believe I don’t have to be compelled to get that daring... u all area unit wise. U individuals don’t agree however now several such examples could also be putting in u minds that yes! He was that! affirmative he was UN agency did wrong! affirmative he was!

Truly speaking fellows we tend to don't seem to be that unaware... we tend to simply become blind wherever we tend to r needed! Actual truth isn't to talk over the rights of ladies or men! The tangible truth is to meditate over our actions that build U.S. that blind... Once we tend to get to grasp the importance of Our Action and speech synchronization ALL the issues whether or not they area unit of ladies men rights, political issues, or the other are solved!