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23 Aug 2014

New System To Alert Sleepy Drivers Can Save Thousands Of Lives

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Photo credit: State Farm / Foter / Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)

Do you grasp that no road is straight however rather engineered with a small curve? affirmative, that's true however does one grasp why is it done? that's as a result of if the road is arced, the motive force should keep steering the vehicle and doesn’t go to sleep. However, there square measure still cases wherever drivers do go to sleep and frightful accidents follow. this is often wherever the analysis team at the Nottingham Trent River University comes in, that is functioning on an answer to the current situation wherever the motive force puts his/her life beside the lifetime of several others in danger

The idea that this analysis team has planned and is functioning on is simple; monitor the driving force’s pulse rate and alert the driver if he/she begins to go to sleep. They set up on creating this happen by incorporating sensors into the automobile seats. A Great Britain company, Plessey this project and has been triple-crown in creating use of electrical phenomenon sensors that were mounted on a driver’s seat and were able to live and relay the viscus signals of the driving force

However, the system must flat, like very flat, and unassertive and therefore the researchers area unit in face suggesting to create use of a textile that may have the sensors embedded into it instead of affixing devices onto the present automotive seats. The team has already come back up with a model, however, in words of the team; ‘We still have to be compelled to improve the consistency and responsibility of the information so it is used for the supposed purpose.’ In short, information|the info|the information} assortment and data analyzing must be worked upon additional to create the method seamless and work while not error. 

Now several of you'll think about the question that what is going to a mere warning do? the driving force should still favor to keep on driving and ignore the alerts. Well, folks, we tend to do board a technology era and if the driving force chooses to ignore the alert, the system can have interaction the controller and lane departure systems. UN agency is aware of they could additionally add sensible brakes to the system so as to create certain that the driving force is forced to drag over and not drive whereas being sleepy-eyed.

The project has already received a funding of $151,046 from the Technology Strategy Board and that we have our fingers crossed to envision however this works out. there's no time frame, announced, on once this can be commercialized or utilized in vehicles however we have a tendency to positive area unit wanting forward to envision that occuring