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27 Aug 2014

What is Shab-e-Baraat?

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In the night of fifteenth of Shaban, a bunch of Muslims say Prayers and raise forgiveness From Allah Almighty within the concern of Allah. At identical time, another cluster from Muslims doesn’t participate in any such activity, with the concern of Allah, considering it as a Biddat (new factor in Islam).

It is quite potential which will Allah Almighty bless each of them and award them with Jannat. however I couldn’t perceive, why there's such a lot difference in Islam, why we tend to don’t have a same guide line, after we all believe Allah Almighty and skim identical Holy religious text then why we've got been divided into many alternative teams. and also the most painful factor is that everyone is making an attempt to pull down the opposite one.

In the Holy religious text, Allah says, all of you've got to come back to ME, so i'll build a choice between you, for what you were fighting with selves. thus we tend to should sit up for the Day, once everything are clear and Allah can tell regarding His call

And remember that Islamic Knowledge is very important so keep your self aware of it