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20 Mar 2017

How to Unlock a Lock

Sometimes when we go out of our home for visit or entertainment we lock our house at many places locks show in picture are used yet. 
What if we loose keys of the lock?
Is there any way we can open our lock without keys? if this is the question then my answer is yes. There are many ways you can open it easily out of which few are described even simulated in this post's video. 
so just watch the video and let us know you thoughts through comment on the post. 

3 Ways to Open Any LOCK

10 Mar 2017

What is IP Address?

Before talking about wifi ip address for android and others let's grab its basic information. Each device connected to internet is assigned an Identification number that is called IP Address. IP stands for internet protocol. Each device contains an internet protocol so each router contains wifi ip. IP is not only assinged to Router but each printer, mobile device, computer has an IP. Getting IP Address is not difficult so we can get all very easily and so wifi ip. IP addresses are usually written in the language readably by humans such as etc.

How to Find WiFi IP Address on Android

In order to find out Internet Protocol Address on Android device follow the following steps.
  1. Go to "Settings"
  2. Tap on "About Phone"
  3. Tap on "Status"
  4. IP Address will be displayed
Not only IP but other information such as MAC address, IMEI etc.

How to Find IP Address of a Wi-Fi Router

To get the IP of Routers there may be different methods we can use. The ip of your router is basically a Default Gateway.

Using Command Pompt

On PC we can find out the gateway address using command prompt.
In order to achieve that simply open DOS by using Ctrl+R and then type "cmd" or go to start menu > All program > accressories > command prompt.
 Now type "ipconfig" and press enter button. The Gateway IP will be listed.

Using Network And Internet Settings

On PC simply go to start menu and type "control panel" now find and click on "View network and status task" a window will be opened.
Now find connection and go with "Ethernet" there click "Details" you will get the gateway ip of your router.
Recently we had written about wifi keeps disconnecting and reconnecting frequently if you are facing that issue you can do that. If you are still facing problem with wifi ip or other internet protocol issue you can ask using below comment box.

Wifi IP Address Android And Router [Find in EASY Steps]

How to Fix/Solve Wifi keeps disconnecting and reconnecting frequently: This problem seems like an serious matter in Android Devices but actually this is not a big deal we have solution to fix it. At first we shall know the reason then find out the ultimate solution to solve this. This issue may accure in many versions of the Android. Such as kitkat, marshmellows, ice cream sandwitch, jellybeans, nougat etc. nonetheless it is fixable and the steps are very easy

Why Does My Wifi Keeps Disconnecting and Reconnecting

Wifi Sleeping Policy may be the most obvious reason of this issue due to which wifi keep disconnecting and reconnecting. This feature was made to save your phone's battery life. So while your phones goes to sleeping mode it disables a lot of things which consume more power and so your wifi is switched off over and over.

I will consider this function of android as a good thing for data connections because it saves our phones charging and cellular data.

Solving WiFi Keeps Disconnecting Frequently

Reason for problem has been defined above. Now we have to Fix/Solve that problem. In order to manage Wifi Sleeping Policy and stop wifi from disconnecting again and again follow following steps.

How to Fix Wi-Fi Keeps Disconnecting Android

  1. Open Wi-Fi Connections
  2. Go to Wi-Fi Advance Settings
  3. Tap on Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep
  4. Select Always
  5. The matter is solved
However you will find three option under Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep, Always, Only when plugged in and never (increase data usage) respectively.

Threre are many other issues which are related to wifi in android operating systems in mobile and tablets. I always try my level best ot solve android issues and problems, in this post I have done the same so that issue of wifi keeps disconnecting and reconnecting frequently could be solved completely. Never the less if you have any other question regarding this problem you may ask us through using below comment box.

WiFi Keeps Disconnecting And Reconnecting - FIXED

8 Mar 2017

If you are wishing to go for world tour then you must watch this video and decide whether to visit these places and attractions or not. This video will show you few things which, most probably you don't know We hope your journey will be good for your. These days visiting United Arab Emirates is most famous country.

The Most Dangerous Places Tourists Should Never Visit

There are hundred of videos out there on internet out of which most will show you such as mermaids are real where as some will have a contradict point of view. I am here to present a video which will show you a collection of video trying to describe the reality of mermaids. For more information you can find out video on on YouTube.

10 Mermaids Caught on Camera - Video