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18 May 2016

3G evo, Wingle and charji are products of PTCL used for internet connections. Evo wingle is a wifi USB with the speed of 9.3Mbps. Just plug it in any USB power adapter such as Laptop, PC, Charger, Charging Bank, Car Port and the internet will run. It may be used at any place either at home or office.

How to Change Password of 3G Evo Wingle Charji

If you forgot your wifi password you may reset that from here. Setting for all device ( i.e CharJi EVO LTE TAB, CharJi EVO, EVO Wingle 9.3Mbps, EVO 3G Wireless and EVO 3G Nitro 9.3)
are almost similar. let's go for it.

  1. Go to the official site at wingle login or type in your browser (Make sure that your device is connected and you are not connected with any other internet service otherwise that service's setting will open not of this device).
  2. Type your user name and password (by default username and password both are "admin"). 
  3. Now go to "basic settings" and then "settings" and find the option "wifi KEY" there old password may be seen and new may be typed. 
  4. Finally click on "Apply button" to save your changes.


If you want to experience internet then these PTCL's devices are very useful these catch signals in the villages of Pakistan where you can not imagine. You may find evo wingle packages.
Advantages of this device are that it does not need any software to install, it is portable and is auto installed. System requirements are not typical any operating system may run it even any USB socket will be enough. Price of 3G evo wingle is just 2000 rupees as per PTCL. 
I hope you have learnt to Reset Password of PTCL wifi devices. If you are facing any difficulty then you may comment below this post. 

QUICKLY Change Forgotten Password of 3G Evo Wingle Charji Wifi Devices

30 Apr 2016

How to create copyright free images for commercial use?

In the past I had written about getting free stock images for blog or to post on tsu as they are for commercial use too. Now I am here to teach you How to design own images for blog or site in order to be saved from copyright issue specially to be saved from tsunami account suspension and Google copied content penalty.

In this post we are going to learn make our own images, for this purpose we are to use website Canva. This is very amazing website I provide hundreds of background on which you may create anything I mean write anything such as quotes, poetry etc. You may find my android pattern unlocking post there is images which I recently crated from this site.
You will see that many of my posts’ images have been made on this incredible site. There are many reasons that I use Canva such as it provides free predesigned layouts, free images, girds, lines, frames, shapes, illustrations, icons, charts, amazing fonts and beautiful backgrounds. though you can upload your owns. 
How to Create Own Copyright Free Images
The dimensions are amazingly pre-sized for social media post, facebook cover, twitter cover, presentation background and A4. Sizes for posting into facebook, instagram, twitter etc. There you may create very innovative resumes and CVs. 
The best thing of this site which I like is that I can create a free info-graphic over there. I can simulate anything within it. 
If you do research for Canva you will find that there are hundreds of YouTube video tutorials about this. Many of the blogger use this as their first way of copyright fee images for their blogs. 

How to Create Copyright Free Images for Commercial Use?

In the past I had written and made video tutorials about earning online by Facebook using adfly and click bank, today I am moving to third option of earning through Facebook using Frantrax. Using this way you will be able to earn via Facebook Page, profile and groups.
What you will have to do is that Frantrax will give you links to their advertisers' sites or business and you will have to post those links in your page, profile or groups. When anyone will click on these ads you will receive commissions in dollars.
3rd Way of Making Money on Facebook (Frantrax Ads)

The minimum amount which you may with draw is 100 dollars. There is a condition for account creation that you must have 10000 likes in case of page, followers in case of profile and members in case of group. The account may not be made at once because the team of Frantrax visit your told destination and then decide whether to provide ads and approve your account or not.

You will be thinking how to withdraw that earned money? While creating account you will have to provide a way of redeem, you may choose Paypal, Skrill or Bank transfer to cash the money. You will have to enter email address in case of Papal and IBAN (International bank account number) and SWIFT code. If you have a bank account you might have a IBAN  (if you are Pakistani then you will have this because Pakistan's all bank accounts have this number), Now come to SWIFT Code, all the banks of the word have been given a unique code, you may find your banks at Google search.
Make Money On Facebook
If you don't provide Paypal or bank information you would not be able to create account. Further You may use Frantrax to others too such as with Google profile, page Community, twitter account, blog, website etc.

Hope you enjoyed way of earning money by Facebook, twitter and Google. If there is any question in your mind then ask me via comment below.

3rd Way to Make Money On Facebook [Video in Urdu]

You may have listened about Mini Jobs on internet if not I am going to describe them below. What is the concept of mini jobs? These are basically small tasks which you do on web and make dollars through that. Mini Tasks are very easy to do. I have made a video tutorial for this in Urdu language which is embedded below. You might be thinking what kind of small tasks? Well! you will have to visit sites or blogs, signing up to websites etc.

If you are using internet then why don't try to make money by it and there is no investment required but keep in mind that do not waste your time if you are thinking to make it full time job because this is a part time job. 

In this tutorial I am using website microworkers but you may use others as well. If you ask me I am not working on this site myself because I am doing this only with AdSense and YouTube and these days tsu to (Use my referral to create a account there 

How Does Microworker Works?

This is a website where you, me or anyone sell or do tasks, those who assign tasks they specify the price for each task and the give the decided amount to website. Now those who want to do tasks will complete tasks and receive the money. Website is broker between both work doer and work assigner. Understanding the system of micro jobs you might be thinking that what is the benefit to website, so keep in mind that website keeps commission from task assigner.

If you have any question regarding the topic making money online without investment by mini jobs, feel free to ask via comment box below.

Mini Jobs | Earn Money Without Investment In Urdu and Hindi

29 Apr 2016

What is Freelance Online Job?

Word freelance means free to do any job. If you know only Urdu, Hindi or Bengali then it will be difficult for you to earn via typing or writing but you can earn through more skills such as drawing making of AudoCAD, designing with adobe photoshop, coral draw and much more, You may be thinking that you don't have any experience but the thing is that you need no experience in this kind of jobs.

Many of the people think that making money online is an easy to do job and they will start earning hundreds of dollars in a day but this is not true this is very tough job and you need much hard working to earn online. Okay! now what you should have is English language skill and an internet connected computer and of course time. Below is the list through which you may make money by freelancing work.

Top 8 Freelancing Sites

Recently, Elance o Desk have been merged with Upwork. That is the reason which compelled me to create a video tutorial on it, in the tutorial I have not completed information but when you create account you must fill your full information so as your profile look professional. Moreover, when you complete your profile must read the terms and conditions and FAQs of the site. 

I hope you would like this post let me know how did your find Make Money by Freelancing post of this site.

What is Freelance | Earn Online [Video Training Urdu]