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20 Jul 2016

How to go live on Facebook using Android phone 

Consistently, competitors, performers, lawmakers and different influencers use Facebook Mentions to impart and interface with their fans, and more than 900 million individuals are associated with open figures on Facebook. 

Today, we're eager to present Live, another path for open figures to impart live video broadcast from Mentions to their fans on Facebook. With Live, open figures can take fans off camera, have a Q&A, offer declarations, and that's only the tip of the iceberg — all progressively. 
As an open figure, you can utilize Live to: 

Develop and connect with your fan base. 

Whether you have a set up fan base or need to develop your crowd, Live is another route for you to associate legitimately with your fans at the time. When you begin a Live video, it will show up in News Feed for your fans to remark, as and offer with their companions. Individuals who have as of late interfaced with your posts will likewise get a warning when you begin your telecast. 

Cooperate specifically with fans and other open figures, continuously. 

Amid your show, you'll see the quantity of viewers and an ongoing stream of remarks from individuals tuning in. You can react to remarks live amid the telecast, or shroud remarks. 

Keep your video for fans to see later. 

After your show has finished, your video will be distributed to your Page so that fans who missed it can watch at a later time. On the off chance that you'd rather not keep the video, you can likewise expel it from your Page whenever.

Getting Live on Facebook

Note: You should have a Facebook Page to get live on Facebook if you don't have to and grab it.
Go to you 
  1. Go to Options (button at right corner as shown in above image)
  2. Select a Page you want to go live with
  3. Click post in order to go live
  4. Click Go Live button to get live 
  5. Enter description and get connected (optional)
Note: you may record live broadcast of 30 min.

A recently update shows that Facebook is paying more than $50 million to publishers and celebs for live streaming, this is what Mashable said. 

Need Help?

I have tried to decribe it to my level best but if you need further help I am right here to help you, ask questions through comment box below. question should be relevant to Facebook live broadcast if not relevant then contact via contact form

How to go live on Facebook: Broadcasting Live on Facebook Using Android

17 Jul 2016

car-advertisingCar Advertising: Today I will let you know about Pakistani startup which will pay you cash on the off chance that you put commercials on your vehicle and drive around the city. The idea is exceptionally straightforward and you have to advance the sponsor's item similar to Cocacola, Pepsi or Oye Hoye and so forth. So they will pay the cash through TicketKataao and in the wake of deducting the commission you will get your prize which is for the most part taking into account the amount you travel a day. 

How to Earn Money Using Car?

Above all else you require an auto else you may think about a taxi which is claimed by your relative or companion. Presently you have to give some individual information by joining by filing form includes CNIC, name, email, versatile number and address. After that your record will be made and you are prepared to show promotions on your auto. REGISTER HERE


How Much Can I Earn?

It's thoroughly relies on upon the amount you go in a day or in a month. Be that as it may, the potential is high and you can gain as much as 2 Lacs(50 KM for every day) every month which is better than average. There are two sorts of promotions full and fractional. Obviously with a specific end goal to make two Lacs for every month you have to completely change your vehicle into advertisement machine. So on the off chance that you are jobless and nothing came into your psyche than it's an ideal opportunity to put some cash into Taxi business. Along these lines you will win from Taxi business as well as showing promotions.

Car Advertising - Make Money with Vehicle in Pakistan

15 Jul 2016

8 Jul 2016

1 Jul 2016

Making online payments such as purchasing domain and hosting or advertising business online or shopping was not an easiest job to do in the near past and there was no way of making online payments specially for the students or those who don't have much income because they could afford a debit card but not credit card.
Please be noted that in the past; online payment could only be carried out through a 'Credit Card, Master Card or Paypal'  but now they can be done through UBL Wiz Card.
UBL has introduced 'UBL Wiz Debit Card' which may be used for paying online without a credit card.

Benefits of UBL Wiz Debit Card

Make Online Payment to Advertising Business on websites such Facebook and Twitter.
Purchase domain name from sites such as Godaddy, Namecheap, Shopify, 1and1 etc.
Buy product online from sites such as Amazon, ebay and
It is a Free Debit Card with International Payment Making.
It is Prepaid Card so add as much money as you want to use.
This Card may be used at ATM so you can cash money at any time anywhere.

How to Get Free UBL Wiz Debit Card?

The process is very easy even You DO NOT need a BANK ACCOUNT.
Just visit your nearest UBL Bank with a copy of CNIC (Take Original too)
They have already made cards so They will give you card TOTALLY FREE.
In few days you will ACTIVATE CARD. (Activation Method will be instructed).

How to Add Money in Debit Card?

In the case of UBL Wiz Card; simply go to UBL Bank and ask them the ways of loading money into it. 
Normally you may add money through going to bank and give them cash they will add it into your card.
The range the maximum amount that you may add is 2 Lakh Rupees.
Maximum of 40 Thousand Rupees is maximum amount that may be withdrawn through ATM.
Maximum of 01 Lakh may be paid online in a single day.

Final Words

Before knowing this card I was asked by many of my reader questions such as How to Advertise Website on Facebook? How to buy domain name? How purchase hosting? etc. all these without a credit card or Paypal but now all these questions are solved with this UBL wiz internet card.

How to Pay Online Without Credit Card in Pakistan